My Conversation with Gully Chris: Bleaching

2 thoughts on “My Conversation with Gully Chris: Bleaching

  1. As a young African American child, the overwhelming depiction of Caucasians in books and television caused me to question my existence. It appeared to me that Caucasians had a better life than that of my very own. I began to wonder if my life would be different if I was born white. As I grew older, I developed a sense of pride in myself and black culture. I discovered significant contributions were made by African Americans. Also: struggle builds character and that is the corner stone of the African American experience.

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    1. To wonderings: your life would absolutely be different if you were born a white male. This country is designed with white male privilege at its center. It’s interesting your
      comments regarding what you observed growing up. This theme runs through many people of color’s existence. I know a lot of people whom grew up recognizing the stark differences in representation in film, magazines and media in general. This breeds the assumption that whiteness is only right because that’s all we see. That’s why Jordan Peel’s films are so important. He’s attacking that belief
      Of white is right mentality by purposely casting darker hued black actors in roles
      that has universal appeal to all people. He’s saying through his art: we can portray more than just pimps, hoes, mammies, and drug dealers. We can be
      boyfriends on our way to visit our girlfriend’s parents and we can be a married father of two trying desperately to keep our families alive. Much respect.


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