Child Abuse and Depression






3 thoughts on “Child Abuse and Depression

  1. Hey
    I grew up in the Caribbean. I am currently a mental health nurse and I listen to your conversation. I would like you to let me know the difference between abuse and discipline.
    Is your depression based on your childhood up bringing.
    At what point in your life you became depress, can depression be generic, or is it environment what was going on around you at the time of your depression.
    Most of my research has shown that people who were abuse as a child experience depression during adolescence and carry on to adulthood.
    And you also stated that people would say to you that you will never accomplished anything, what kept you going and did you have any support behind you, as I know for experience that I got that in school from some teachers but on the other had I had a good driving focus.


    1. Thank you for commenting-you’ve brought up great questions. Abuse is when you leave bruises or marks on a person’s body. Sometimes those marks and bruises are not physical but emotional. Discipline may include giving a small time out the moment they misbehave or taking away privileges from an older child. It’s improtant to talk to the child about why they’re on punishment. I think my depression was a combination of childhood trauma (physical and mental abuse coupled with environmental factors). I was 33 when I had my first mental breakdown-but looking back I exhibited signs of anxiety as a child. I just
      didn’t know what it was. My competitive nature pushed me to be what some may call an overachiever. Also-I was loved and supported. It wasn’t black and white but rather areas of gray when it comes to being loved and being abused. I’m going to talk more about the unconditional love in an upcoming post. Blessings.🌸


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