“Perseverance Is Stubbornness With A Purpose”. -Josh Shipp


Not too long ago I found myself having to justify my abilities. My written justification brought me back to a time when as a high school junior, I was asked to justify my abilities to successfully take on an advanced placement English class for senior year.

Way back in the late 1990’s our high school made students get signed approval from current teachers to get into any AP class for senior year. As an avid reader, along with loving English classes I did not hesitate in seeking a signature approval to get into AP English.

My English teacher, whom shall remain nameless, always praised my participation in class and always allowed me shine where I shinned best: discussing literature.

Therefore, I remember being taken aback at the tender age of sixteen when he hesitated in signing off on my request for AP placement.

He questioned my abilities. He reminded me of the the heavy course load as if I wasn’t aware of what advanced placement courses meant.

Luckily I had enough self confidence to retort:

“Well, you say I’m a great student in your class so therefore I’ll be great student next year in AP “. I often wonder what would have happened if I trusted his hesitation more than my gut instinct. How often do you find yourself forced to justify what you know to be true?

The lesson I learned yesterday (as I drafted my passionate defense) is the same one I knew 20 years ago: I am the shit. Recognize my greatness. I hope you recognize yours. Peace and blessings.

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