the bedrock of democracy

And then it all came tumbling down.

An avid reader of this blog looked at me and said: “What do you have to say about this? Sula readers are waiting!” Aside from that warm and gushy feeling of knowing a reader was awaiting a Sula post, I had to think:

What are my thoughts?

The word that come to mind: MALARKEY.

I, along with the nation and world at large watched in complete horror and disbelief as rioters approached and later entered the Capitol Building with all the right privilege afforded them.

As early as a year ago, those in the media would probably not even call these men and women rioters. They would have been called concerned Americans. But never rioters and definitely not anti-American (Granted they entered and left the Capitol on their own accord when we know without a doubt Americans of a darker hue would have not made it past the first few steps).

Let’s keep it all the way real dear reader: the events of January 6th was a blatant example of what we know to be true. White Americans do not interact with those in law enforcement the same way people of color do. Where we may literally fear for our lives as we drive, jog, walk, study and play-white Americans literally break the law with little consequences. Often when the wheels of justice begin to turn it’s often delayed without the the heaviest extent of the law. Quite frankly, it all reads as a farce to me.

We are now quickly approaching Inauguration Day and I pray we are able to demonstrate a peaceful transition of power not just for the world at large but for ourselves. America: we need this just as much as we need systematic change in all areas of our society as it relates to equity and justice.

What are your thoughts dear reader? I eagerly await your response.


2 thoughts on “the bedrock of democracy

  1. The riot on the capitol further cemented my feelings as a BLACK man in America. Aside from the initial shock, confusion and occasional chuckle, a daunting reality set in. That reality of course caused me to analyze and question the situation that was taking place. I began feeling extremely sad because the realization set it, that if the protesters were BLACK men, women and children the outcome would have been vastly different. At times I feel like our current America is reenacting times from our history books. If we are to change as a nation, I pray this new administration can be a catalyst for permanent metamorphosis.

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    1. I think it’s fair to say America’s never truly reckoned with the past and therefore the ugly truth keeps showing up over and over again from micro aggressions to blatant racial and social injustice in all sectors of society.


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