Grace and the Golden Hour

During this unprecedented time in our lives the one word that continues to swirl around and around in my mind is grace.

For those of us whom have not lost our jobs during this pandemic we are finding our way back to work-many of us are loosening the way in which we may move throughout our communities . We may not be using home delivery grocery services as much as prior months, men and women and even children are cautiously going back to barbers and hairstylists-many are flocking to nail salons for overdue maintenance on their hands and feet. Covered faces have become our new normal as we participate in drive by graduations, baby showers and birthday parties.

Although those here in Connecticut may breathe a sigh of relief with our consistent low numbers regarding new virus transmissions as well as lowered death rates we need to remember many people have experienced death of those close to them and unfortunately they may not have been able to bury their loved ones in the way that helps bring about acceptance in their passing.

Food insecurity, fear of evictions and hesitations on sending children back to school in the Fall are just a few factors that are keeping many in a state of limbo.

It is because of these factors and so much more where we must continue to show grace. Many will agree that we have all been experiencing collective trauma-the coronavirus is frightening not only because it can be deadly, but it’s also shined a light on the many social and racial injustices that are insidious and prevalent in our society.

I’m constantly reminding myself to really think before I speak and recognize that someone’s tone and behavior may be directly related to trauma they’re experiencing because of the many uncertainties we face, even in an area that has shown signs of flattening the curve.

And even among all the uncertainties and trepidations we are experiencing it’s important to still find a way to experience joy, love and a belief in a better tomorrow. It’s important for us to be reflective and to be okay in a space of quietness-it’s important to find your golden hour.

We must continue to take time within the day to see the beauty within all the chaos. For me, my golden hour rests in the steady breathing of my infant son. The steady rise and fall of his small chest leaves a calmness within me that radiates. It is during these times that I know-we’re going to be okay.

What about you dear reader? What things do you find yourself doing during your golden hour? How are you finding joy during these times? I eagerly await your responses. Blessings.

2 thoughts on “Grace and the Golden Hour

  1. Being in steady contact with my family knowing that they are safe. Becoming more still with God instead of leaning on my misunderstandings of this world. Learning to appreciate what I have now because it can be gone in seconds. ❤️ Stay safe

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