“…then you ain’t black!”

This has been a monumental weekend and it’s not over yet! I don’t even know where to start!

The most hype I’ve seen from Joe Biden’s camp since quarantine has been their damage control after Biden’s controversial comments on The Breakfast Club with Charlemagne Da God. There’s always been this assumption that the Democratic Party can always get the black vote. From their perspective they see no where else for us to go-how many of us will actually vote Republican in the next presidential election? Granted there’s a gargantuan number of black voters whom are disgusted with Trump but I’d argue many black voters aren’t jumping up and down to vote for Biden either. We all are holding a collective breath as we wait for whom Biden’s pick will be for the presumptive Vice President (for many this will be his saving grace ‘cause we’re just not that excited).

Biden’s comments at the end of the interview, though I believe was said in jest still held an age old belief by black and white Democrats alike-black voters will vote democratic no matter what. What many are starting to realize is many black voters, specifically black millennials are demanding more for their vote. It’s not enough for democratic nominees to come around to our churches every election season and break bread after a lengthy church service. Your appearances on popular black media outlets are also not enough! Many black people today are demanding more especially during times such as these where our people are dying in greater droves from the wrath of Covid-19. Our communities are not more affected due to genetic inferiority but rather due to a multitude of factors directly linked to institutional racism.

As we continue to live in a time where even jogging while black may cost you your life politicians need to step it up -our votes are just as important as those of our white counterparts and we saw our strength in numbers with how the black vote in the South allowed Joe to be where he is today.

More needs to be done as it relates to the economic, educational, and social emotional well being of black folks in this nation. And please Joe, you of all people are not qualified to determine whom is black -the very essence of blackness throughout the diaspora is the fact that we are a not one dimensional-even without the history of slavery and the lasting impact its had on our culture we are multifaceted and rich in diversity. Our uniqueness lies in the fact that we are all not all the same and to make the cocky assertion that if a person doesn’t vote for you then they’re not black is laughable.

Just when I was getting overwhelmed with every news outlet going for Biden’s jugular for his brazen comments (including the Trump campaign) Swizz Beats and Timbaland swoop in for the win with the monumental clash of Bounty Killer and Beenie Man. Though I may be bias (as I am Kingston born) this had to be the best online battle yet. Magic happened last night as both artists played tunes that brought me back to a time when we weren’t quarantined. The music lifted our collective spirit as other artists and fans from around the world peered into the small island of Jamaica as two legends gave us a show many would have happily paid for. Even baby Harper rocked his little body back and forth before heading off to dreamland! This is what the culture needed and I’m forever grateful I attended as many of my family and friends did as well. Big Tunes! Big Tunes! Bap! Bap!

Please share your thoughts with me dear reader as I continue to practice my whine for when outside reopens …

10 thoughts on ““…then you ain’t black!”

  1. These were my thoughts exactly! From the beginning to the end!
    I was not ready for Beenie and Bounty to end! I was yelling at the screen saying, “Nooooooo!”

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  2. I always thought voting was already fishy to begin with, however I am just praying for the leaders of the country. The only man we can truly count on is God! Campaigns lately have been a big joke and not giving us much to look forward to unfortunately. On a brighter note! I definitely enjoyed the Jamaican vibes last night! Gave us a little reminder of the good family and fun times. Bless up! ❤️

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  3. Cocky indeed. I am discouraged by Biden’s comments and disappointed our country gave him (not Sanders) so much momentum moving forward in the democratic primary. I didn’t know you had a blog; thank you for posting about it on FB.

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  4. I’m with you. And you put it so eloquently. Fear of change is so clear in this uninspired choice of lummox Joe. Disappointing and not who I wanted – but I will do whatever I can to make sure the awful one does not get in again.

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  5. Absolutely! Great read! Both parties have definitely taken the black vote for granted and it’s time we start seeing leaders who care more.

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