We Have to Stop

It’s so important to pay special attention to how you’re treated. And I’m not talking about when times are good-oh no the real measure of how well your partner, your friends, your family and hell even your job cares about you is how you’re treated in times that are unpredictable and challenging. That’s when you really find out how much you’re valued or not.

In light of social distancing and the rapid increase of positive diagnosis of COVID-19 throughout the country it’s interesting to note how we continue to treat each other during this time.

I’m keeping my ears glued to news sources such as NPR as information continues to change by the second. Isolating with a newborn has its set of challenges-thank God for modern inventions such as group text messaging, FaceTime and the internet. For a short period of time my phone died and my charger was broken. If I didn’t have a fully charged tablet I probably would have lost my mind.

Although many news outlets have continued to share with the public the importance of not hoarding when grocery shopping-people are still panic buying. For some strange reason, toilet paper has become a coveted item. I recently read an article about parents having difficulty getting diapers for their babies because other parents are panic buying this essential item.

We have to stop.

Lets continue to treat each other more kindly and buy want we need with the understanding we are not alone in this world. The reality is for us to get through these trying times we need to consider others just as much as we consider loved ones.

Dear Readers; have you experienced surprising treatment from those you expected more from? Whether it’s family, friends or even employers? Please share -I eagerly await your responses. Blessings.

2 thoughts on “We Have to Stop

  1. Such a wonderful message, which speaks enormous truth to our current state. It is very important we take the time, to care for one another, especially the elderly and disabled. With patience, faith and love, this too shall pass.

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