Iceland 🇮🇸

My Inner Thoughts While in Iceland:

Out of nowhere, my throat tightened up and I tried with all my might to keep the tears in. It’s the last day of my solo trip in Iceland and I’m looking at the most beautiful waterfall I’ve ever seen. The roar of the water left me in complete awe. There before me lay God’s beauty, how anyone can question His existence is beyond me.

At one point I put my phone away and just stared. Left, right, and center. The red soil, green hills and out of this world blue base of the crater left me feeling like I was no longer on Earth. I’m on Mars! I thought this over and over again and I stared in amazement. As a talker, very few things leave me speechless.

The steam rising from the Earth was an ethereal white. There were random spots in the ground where clear warm water bubbled from the ground, trickling into small streams. I looked around in the foreground the Earth rose above the ground majestically, stoic and deeply green.

I learned a lot on this trip, more than I thought I would! I felt like I was back in school and I eagerly took in all the new information coming my way. There were moments when I found myself moving quickly throughout Reykjavik. I had to stop and tell myself: “Anika, slow down! What’s the rush?” I forced myself to slow down and take in all the art I had the privilege of viewing. I think it’s important to take moment’s out of one’s day and slow down, whether one’s on vacation or not. Taking in the sights, smells, and sounds of my environment has allowed me to loosen up and to truly relax every part of my body. I wasn’t aware of the fact that my body was tense until it wasn’t. What about you dear reader? How do you relax and slow down? Blessings.

4 thoughts on “Iceland 🇮🇸

  1. The pictures can’t possibly give the proper credit to the actual experience. Thank you so much for sharing such a unique and beautiful experience. This post definitely caused me to realign my global perspectives. It forces me to take time to relish time, but also to remember the world is a very big place. It is our job, to discover more of it. Therefore, having a greater appreciation for all it’s beauty.

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