Self Isolation Has Taught Us…

The daily use of social media is so normalized-we almost forgot how much we thrive on real time social interaction. We can sit here and make a list of all the negative and positive attributes of social media. I’ve always noted how social media has increased the level of social awkwardness between individuals whom may be dating or starting a new friendship. Or even the way we may interact during a family meal; everyone’s eyes are glued to their device. Online interactions has led many of us to have a certain level of bravado that rarely exists in real time.

However, with the increase need to exercise social distancing-the reality is no amount of technology can ever replace real time interactions with other human beings. Don’t get me wrong-I’m forever thankful for the technology we do have to stay connected. My ability to still blog, text, FaceTime and access pertinent news has literally saved my life-currently my housemate cannot talk back to me. Harper’s coos and various cries for various needs make up 80% of my human to human contact in the last few weeks.

I’ve found myself looking through old photographs and videos of life before ‘Rona. We were so care-free! One video of summer 2019 caught my attention. A friend of mine and I had ventured out to Brooklyn for AfroPunk. Luckily, I captured a video clip of her dancing carefree among other people also dancing freely-how little did we know that months later this new term “social distancing” would prohibit such behavior.

Thank God for all the DJ’s going live on social media and playing music-just for a moment we can forget all our troubles and feel like everything is back to normal. There’s nothing like feel good music to make one feel good inside and out. That feel good feeling must be harnessed and protected at all cost-it’s imperative during such uncertain times.

Self isolation has taught us that no matter how technologically savvy we may become-nothing can replace good old fashioned human interactions. The simple joys of hugging the ones you love-sharing a home cooked meal or making a celebratory toasts together is priceless-nothing compares.

What has self isolation taught you? I eagerly await your response dear reader. Blessings.

5 thoughts on “Self Isolation Has Taught Us…

  1. Social distancing has taught me how important social interactions are and how I sometimes take it for granted. I’ve been keeping a schedule for myself because I’m use to that and it helps me remain sane!

    Take care.

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