Hey Society: Tuck Your Ugly Back In!

Social media has created a way for society to experience moments together-we find ourselves sharing collective sighs of relief when a missing child is found, or shedding collective tears for the passing of those in life whom lived their lives to the fullest and inspired others along the way.

Recently, we all let out a collective moan when we watched a beautiful, chocolate toddler look at the screen and exclaim, “I’m so ugly”. We all rooted in unison when the child’s hairdresser stopped grooming her hair to speak positive affirmations into a child whom is way too young to believe such things about herself. We all rejoiced in unison when #ArtworkforAriyonna began trending with artists from all over the country creating images of Ariyonna; negating the fallacy of her statement: “I’m so ugly”.

There’s beauty in the collective. I bask in moments where we as a society come together and have a movement-a moment of true beauty and love that often transcends age, gender, race, class and socioeconomic background.

With that being said, there are times where we as a society forget the world is watching (let’s not forget someone’s always ready to whip out their cell phone camera and record some ugly).

The increase in more Americans getting diagnosed with COVID-19 or being suspected of having COVID-19 has created a certain level of hysteria. Alongside fake news and many people unable to differentiate between reputable sources -we, as a society, have gone ape shit.

At first I wondered aloud if no one was washing their hands at all when I viewed video after video of empty store shelves-hand sanitizers and cleaning agents are missing in action as the public started stockpiling items. Now it’s gotten from bad to worse as I watch viral videos of hysteria.

There’s footage of women getting into an all out hair pulling fight in Australia because one woman refused to allow another woman to have any of the countless packages of toilet paper she had in her shopping cart.

Right here in the good ‘ole USA, a man of Asian decent gets sprayed with a bottle of Fabreeze on the subway. Fabreeze. Ugggghhhhh. We have to do better.

Society: Tuck that ugly back in!

We don’t have time for it.

I’m writing this as local universities are suspending classes and moving to 100% online courses in an effort to minimize the toll this virus may have on us. Companies are suspending business travel and state governments are preparing for the economic impact this may have on us all.

No matter what happens-lets not lose our humanity.


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